Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday LARRY MULLEN, Jr. (video)

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Laurence Joseph "Larry" Mullen, Jr. (born 31 October 1961) is an Irish musician and the drummer for the Irish rock band U2. One of the four original founders of U2, he would relate that he described the band as "'The Larry Mullen Band' for about ten minutes, then Bono walked in and blew any chance I had of being in charge."

He has worked on numerous side projects during his career, including a collaboration with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of R.E.M. to form Automatic Baby in 1993 and working with bandmate Adam Clayton on the re-recording of the theme to Mission: Impossible, in 1996. He has been awarded, both as part of U2 and in his own right, 22 Grammy awards.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday GAVIN ROSSDALE (video)

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Gavin McGregor Rossdale (born 30 October 1965) is an English musician and actor, known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush. Following Bush's separation in 2002, which lasted for eight years, he was the lead singer and guitarist for Institute, and later began a solo career. When performing solo, Gavin plays songs from his extensive musical libraries. Rossdale has been ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader (#75).

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MUSE to release Live at Rome Olympic Stadium in theaters, Blu-ray, DVD and CD. (video)

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Muse are set to release on Blu-ray and CD/DVD Live at Rome Olympic Stadium. Shot in Ultra-High Definition (4K) during the band's stop at the Eternal City in July earlier this year, the show will be distributed on Blu-ray by Warner Brothers. Street date is December 3rd.

On November 5th, Live at Rome Olympic Stadium will also be screened theatrically in twenty cities around the world in 4K. The screenings will begin in Sydney and finish in Los Angeles, taking in other capital cities throughout the day including Tokyo, Paris, London and Rio. A general release will follow on November 6th.

Following the official announcement the band said: "We're really excited to be able to release Live at Rome Olympic Stadium as the first ever Ultra-High Definition concert film. It captures an extraordinary amount of detail and not just everything we're doing – the fans, even those at the back, the set, the actors and the incredible atmosphere on a very special night in Rome. We can promise our fans, whether they managed to come to the live shows or not, an entirely new Muse concert experience."


1. Intro
2. Supremacy
3. Panic Station
4. Plug In Baby
5. Resistance
6. Animals
7. Knights of Cydonia
8. Explorers
9. Hysteria
10. Feeling Good
11. Follow Me
12. Madness
13. Time Is Running Out
14. Guiding Light
15. Undisclosed Desires
16. Supermassive Black Hole
17. Survival
18. The 2nd law: Isolated System
19. Uprising
20. Starlight

CD Traklisting:

1. Supremacy
2. Panic Station
3. Resistance
4. Hysteria
5. Animals
6. Knights
7. Explorers
8. Follow Me
9. Madness
10. Guiding Light
11. Super Massive Black Hole
12. Uprising
13. Starlight



Happy Birthday PETER GREEN (video)

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Peter Green (born Peter Allen Greenbaum, 29 October 1946) is a British blues rock guitarist and the founder of the band Fleetwood Mac. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 for his work with the group, Green's songs have been recorded by artists such as Santana, Aerosmith, Midge Ure, Tom Petty, Gary Moore and Judas Priest.

A major figure and bandleader in the "second great epoch" of the British blues movement, Green inspired B. B. King to say, "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats." Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page have both lauded his guitar playing. Green's playing was marked with idiomatic string bending and vibrato and economy of style. Though he played other guitars, he is best known for deriving a unique tone from his 1959 Gibson Les Paul.

He was ranked 38th in Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". His tone on the Bluesbreakers instrumental "The Super-Natural" was rated as one of the 50 greatest of all time by Guitar Player. In June 1996 Green was voted the third-best guitarist of all time in Mojo magazine.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

New TOOL Update (video)

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TOOL's inside man posted an update on that give a preview of the work being done on the new album:

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Tool loft to try and get some kind of idea as to how things were progressing with the writing sessions now that the band was back hard at it. Well, I am happy to report that there has indeed been a lot of progress as far as new material goes, especially with the lengthy so-called "epic' piece that the guys have been arranging for quite some time now.
Shortly after I arrived, before taking to their respective instruments, Adam suggested that everyone should first have a listen to what they had recorded during the previous session in order to make sure that all were in agreement with certain recently added sections. And listen they did. In fact, to give you some idea - my parking meter expired twice before they were done. And judging from the smiles on their faces, it seemed that, for the most part, Danny, Adam and Justin liked very much what they were hearing and that after some finishing touches, the 'epic' tune would be ready for Maynard to do his thing. (During some of the more melodic passages, I was trying to envision the vocals which, to me, brings it all together.)

After a bit of discussion about some rapid-fire triplets in one section, I asked Danny if he was going to be able to knock out the piece in one take when it came time to track it? His response was to smile and bury his head in his hands, which I will let the readers interpret for themselves. As for the song itself, without giving too much away, it features complex time signatures, interesting harmonic structure and expanding effects processing - similar to what fans of Tool have come to expect - only now, perhaps not surprisingly, the band has taken it to the next level.

Okay, having given you this bit of an update, please note that I am NOT suggesting in any way that the band is ready to go into the studio any time soon. I honestly have no idea as far as any recording timetables go. I am also not sure how many other songs are near completion at this point. Nor do I know at what stage the vocals might be at for ANY of the new material. All I am saying is that as far as this one particular song goes (albeit, a very lengthy one), it was a LOT closer to being finished (instrumentally, speaking) than the last time that I heard it, and that fans of Tool's music will certainly not be disappointed.

Here is something to help ease the time we have to wait...




Happy Birthday CHAD SMITH (video)

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Chadwick Gaylord "Chad" Smith (born October 25, 1961) is an American musician, best known as the longtime and current drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom he joined in 1988. Smith is also the drummer of the hard rock band Chickenfoot and the all-instrumental outfit Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats. As one of the most highly sought-after drummers, Smith has recorded with Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes, Sammy Hagar, John Fogerty, Kid Rock, Johnny Cash, and The Avett Brothers, to name a few.
In 2010, Smith released Rhythm Train, a critically acclaimed children's album which he recorded with Dick Van Dyke and Leslie Bixler. In April 2010, MTV named Rhythm Train one of the best children's records of all time.

source: wikipedia


Happy Birthday MATTHIAS JABS (video)

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Matthias Jabs (born October 25, 1955) is a German guitarist and songwriter. He is one of the guitar players for the heavy metal band Scorpions.

Before joining the Scorpions, Jabs played for the bands Lady, Fargo and Deadlock. Jabs was hired to join the Scorpions upon the departure of guitarist Ulrich Roth in August 1978. Jabs was discovered by Francis Buchholz, who helped him learn mathematics. However Michael Schenker, younger brother of Scorpions rhythm guitarist/songwriter Rudolf Schenker had made the decision to leave his own band UFO, and expressed interest at re-joining the Scorpions as lead guitarist. Michael Schenker had already been a member of the Scorpions and left the band after the recording of their first album Lonesome Crow in 1972. As a result, Jabs was dismissed very shortly after joining the band.
However, Michael Schenker proved to be very unreliable during this time period and would frequently be absent from the band's live shows. This caused the Scorpions to contact Jabs at the last minute to fill in for Michael. After too many absences, Michael Schenker left and Jabs was permanently reinstated as lead guitarist for the Scorpions, which he has been ever since. This is why the Scorpions' 1979 album Lovedrive featured guitar tracks recorded by both Jabs and Michael Schenker. Jabs' playing style was a large part of Lovedrive's fresher, newer, heavier sound. This "Van Halen-like" sound would become the band's signature as it would propel them into superstardom in the 1980s. In the year 2000, he was awarded the city of Hanover plaque.

source: wikipedia


Happy Birthday JON ANDERSON (video)

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John Roy "Jon" Anderson (born 25 October 1944) is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician best known as the former lead vocalist in the progressive rock band Yes. He is also an accomplished solo artist and has collaborated with musicians such as the Greek musician Vangelis, amongst others.

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Happy Birthday GLENN TIPTON (video)

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Glenn Tipton (born Glenn Raymond Tipton, 25 October 1947) is one of the Grammy Award-winning guitarists and is one of two guitar players for the heavy metal band Judas Priest.
Tipton is known for his complex, sometimes classically-influenced solos, and he has a unique guitar-playing technique. Many of his solos are very difficult to transcribe, and his playing is notable for his double lead guitar trades with fellow Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing. Tipton's solos have maintained a consistent style for most of his career, but he has continuously incorporated new techniques into his playing over the years as he has developed as a guitarist.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

DREAM THEATER "Pull Me Under (Live At Luna Park)" (video)

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Dream Theater is set to release the document of their 2011/2012 tour Live At Luna Park on November 4th. Here's a preview:

Dream Theater began their mammoth "A Dramatic Tour Of Events" world trek in July 2011 with the final leg in South America taking place in August 2012. It was here at the Luna Park arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina that they decided to film the two nights that go to make up this release. It was Dream Theater's first tour with new drummer Mike Mangini and all the tracks from their first album together "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" are included in either the main show or the bonus performances. Dream Theater are rock's supreme virtuosos with many awards to their name and here in concert they bring all the power and drama of their music to life with breathtaking performances of classic tracks from across their career. Out November 4th 2013

Filmed in high definition.
Features many of their classic tracks including: "Metropolis Pt. 1", "The Silent Man", "Pull Me Under", "The Root Of All Evil", "The Test That Stumped Them All", "The Spirit Carries On" and the recent "On The Backs Of Angels".

James LaBrie (vocals); John Petrucci (guitar); Jordan Rudess (keyboards); John Myung (bass); Mike Mangini (drums)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ALL THAT REMAINS - "What If I Was Nothing" Official (video)

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The latest from All That Remains is currently #21 this week on Rockfile Radio FIRE and now the band has released the official video:

"What If I Was Nothing" by All That Remains from their release, A War You Cannot Win. Download Now:
Directed by Rasa Acharya and Dan Kennedy of Little Sky Films:


Happy Birthday ROBERT TRUJILLO (video)

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Robert Trujillo (born October 23, 1964) is an American bassist known for his role as the current bassist of American heavy metal band Metallica. He also was a member of crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, funk metal supergroup Infectious Grooves, heavy metal band Black Label Society (formed by Zakk Wylde), and he has worked with Jerry Cantrell from the rock band Alice in Chains, and Ozzy Osbourne.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday JON CARIN (video)

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Jon Carin (born October 21, 1964, in New York City, New York) is a producer, artist and musician best known for his association with Pink Floyd, and more specifically its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters over the last twenty-seven years. In the early 1980s, he gained fame as the front-man for the band Industry. During his time with Industry, the band had a breakthrough single "State of the Nation" in 1983 and was followed by the successful album Stranger to Stranger.

As a teenager, Jon Carin started his professional musical career for the band Industry as their lead singer, keyboardist, and writer. In 1983, he was asked by Industry's producer Rhett Davies to work with Bryan Ferry for his Boys and Girls album. Later in 1985, he joined Bryan Ferry at Live Aid to perform and met Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.
That year, Jon Carin would collaborate as musician and writer for Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason album as a keyboardist and programmer. He is a writer for hit song "Learning to Fly" from that album, their first hit song since the departure of Roger Waters. He participated in the support tour for the album and appeared on the 1988 Pink Floyd double live album, Delicate Sound of Thunder. In 1992, Carin participated for the recording of the soundtrack for La Carrera Panamericana. In 1994, Jon Carin played keyboards, synthesizers, arranged and programmed for Pink Floyd's The Division Bell album. He also participated on The Division Bell support tour and was featured on the Pulse CD and DVD.

Carin performed with The Who, playing Quadrophenia in its entirety in the summer of 1996, at London's Hyde Park; this led on to an extensive tour throughout much of 1996/97. On August 16, 1998 he produced and played keyboards and drums for Pete Townshend for a concert to raise money for the Maryville Academy. In 1999, a CD of this concert was released that Carin produced.

Throughout the summers of the late 1990s and early 2000s (decade), he was on tour with former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters for his In the Flesh tour. This makes him one of few musicians who has played with both Roger Waters and Pink Floyd after Waters' departure from the band. In October 2001, he performed with The Who at The Concert for New York City, a tribute concert to the lives lost on September 11. In January 2002, a recording of the tribute was released on CD and DVD.
He performed with Pink Floyd at their reunion with Roger Waters on July 2, 2005 for Live 8 at Hyde Park. In 2005, A 3-disc DVD recording of The Who's 1996 performance of Quadrophenia was released. He played with David Gilmour in the 2006 tour in support of On an Island. From June 2006, he played on Roger Waters The Dark Side of the Moon Live tour, with dates in 2007 and 2008.

Carin has worked with Amnesty International, Greenpeace, 4 Seasons of Hope for fundraising events playing with Seal, Elvis Costello, The Chieftains, Spinal Tap, and many others.

He produced, wrote and arranged The Psychedelic Furs frontman Richard Butler's 2006 solo album called Richard Butler on Koch Records that was dedicated to his father, Dr. Arthur A. Carin. Carin played all of the instruments on the album, and produced and engineered the album as well.

Carin performed on keyboards, guitar and lead vocals with Roger Waters at the "Live Earth: The Concert for a Climate in Crisis" event on July 7, 2007 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. He was also one of the performers on the Syd Barrett Tribute at the Barbican in London, performing with Roger Waters, the members of Pink Floyd (billed as Rick Wright, David Gilmour and Nick Mason) and Captain Sensible.

He is currently on tour with Roger Waters performing The Wall Live on keyboards, guitars and Lap Steel.

He has also programmed the sounds for The Rascals reunion shows in Port Chester, NY at the Capitol Theatre in December, 2012.

Carin performed with Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder for the 12 12 12 : Hurricane Sandy benefit concert.

source: wikipedia


Friday, October 18, 2013

EVE TO ADAM - "Immortal" Official (video)

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We debuted the song, "Immortal" from EVE TO ADAM this week on Rockfile Radio FIRE and now we have the official video:

Click here for tour dates:
Grab Locked & Loaded on iTunes:

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FLYING COLORS - "Kayla" Official (video)

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One of our favorite new bands on Rockfile Radio ICE, prog rock supergroup FLYING COLORS just released Live In Europe on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, etc and have put footage from the release in their new video for "Kayla":

Official video for "Kayla" by Flying Colors.

Order Live In Europe here:
iTunes EU:
iTunes US:

It started with a simple idea: virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way. A band followed, evolving into Flying Colors: Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals), and Steve Morse (guitar). Together, they create a unique fusion of vintage craftsmanship, contemporary music and blistering live performances.

source: Flying Colors


THE FLOWER KINGS - "Desolation Road" Official (video)

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Since 1995, The Flower Kings have been release adventurous progressive rock albums and their new one, Desolation Rose,  is an instant classic. Check out the video for "Desolation Road":

THE FLOWER KINGS - Desolation Road (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO). Taken from the album "Desolation Rose". InsideOut Music 2013. Pre-order now:



Thursday, October 17, 2013

RUSH - "The Garden (Live)" Official (video)

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When Rush hit the road last year to support their new album, Clockwork Angels, they decided to do something they'd never done before: invite additional musicians onto their stage. The new material had been recorded with a string section, and they wanted to do the album justice by bringing an eight-piece string ensemble on the road.

The tour – which featured a ton of 1980s tunes the band hadn't played in ages – was a huge success, and they recorded a show in Dallas for a Blu-ray, DVD and CD that hits shelves on November 19th. (Click here to pre-order the DVD.) Here, you can watch an exclusive preview clip of the band playing "The Garden," the grand finale of Clockwork Angels. The song is one of our favorites, heard on Rockfile Radio ICE.

source: Rolling Stone


KORN - "Love & Meth" Official (video)

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"Love & Meth", the new video from KORN, from the band's 11th studio album, "The Paradigm Shift", which sold 46,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 8 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on October 8 via Prospect Park.

"The Paradigm Shift" is the first KORN disc to feature original guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since 2003's "Take A Look In The Mirror" and follows up 2011's dubstep experiment, "The Path Of Totality". Frontman Jonathan Davis told The Pulse Of Radio that Welch's return on guitar was a good balance to Davis' own continued fascination with electronic music. "We wanted to make a record that everybody was happy with, and Head coming back, I think, was great, 'cause me and him butted heads. 'Cause he really is on the rock side and I was on the electronic side, and it was good having the compromise on both sides. It was just good for the creative process, I think."

Welch recently told Rolling Stone that the new album has "the old KORN vibe, but with a new twist . . . The end product is a really good mix of old KORN mixed with some new elements. It's got a fresh new KORN 2013 sound."

Davis recently revealed that he was dealing with personal issues during the early stages of the new disc, including his son being diagnosed with diabetes and his own struggle to kick an addiction to anti-depression medication.

KORN and ROB ZOMBIE will co-headline the "Night Of The Living Dreads" tour this fall. The 17-date run begins on November 3 in Reno, Nevada and wraps on November 26 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

source: Blabbermouth


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AYREON - "The Theory Of Everything" Official (video)

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AYREON - The Theory Of Everything (Album Track). Taken from the album "The Theory Of Everything". Pre-order now:

"This is an extract from the 20-plus minute track, "Phase 1: Singularity." It combines The Theory of Everything parts 1 and 2. It features vocals by Michael Mills as the Father and Cristina Scabbia as the Mother. The piano was played by Rick Wakeman. Turn on Youtube captions to see the lyrics. Hope you'll enjoy it!"


Happy Birthday CHAD GRAY (video)

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Chad Gray (born October 16, 1971 in Decatur, Illinois, US), is the lead vocalist for the American rock bands Mudvayne and Hellyeah.

Gray is the son of Dan and Mitzi Davis of Edgewater, Florida. In Hellyeah's DVD, Below the Belt, he talks of how his grandmother, Betty Rau, raised him and would bring him to perform in choir.

He quit his factory job that paid $40,000 a year to move to Peoria, Illinois and formed Mudvayne.

In 2005, Gray's grandmother Betty Rau died after battling cancer for several years.
Gray dedicated the Hellyeah song "Thank You" to his grandmother and also wrote Mudvayne's "Death Blooms" about her illness.

Gray is known both for his clean singing and trademark screams and growls.

Gray has made several guest appearances with other bands, including on the songs "Monsters" by V Shape Mind, "Falling Backwards" by Bloodsimple and "Miracle" by Nonpoint.

source: wikipedia


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Nominees (links)

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have just announced their nominees for the class of 2014. Among those being considered for a 2014 induction include Nirvana, KISS, Deep Purple and many more.

The most interesting potential inductees for the 2014 ceremony have got to be the members of Nirvana. This seminal grunge band has been nominated in their first year of eligibility (25 years after the release of their first recording). Fans will surely be rooting for Nirvana, who completely shifted the worlds of mainstream and underground music with the release of their sophomore disc ‘Nevermind’ in 1991. Having sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, it could be argued that ‘Nevermind’ is the most influential rock album of the past two decades.

KISS are once again being considered for induction, having lost out on a spot in the Hall after being nominated in 2010. Both KISS fans and the band members felt snubbed by the rejection, inciting both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to sound off in disapproval. However, the iconic act has a chance for redemption this year, regardless of past criticisms.

The legendary Deep Purple have once again secured a nomination for a Rock Hall induction. The group was nominated last year, but didn’t make the cut. Rock and metal fans around the world vehemently protested the rejection, perhaps putting a bit of pressure on the Rock Hall judges for this year’s ceremony.

Other 2014 nominees include Yes, N.W.A., the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, LL Cool J, the Meters, the Replacements, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Link Wray, and finally, the Zombies.

Fans can vote on who they’d like to see inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 at the institution’s website. As of this posting, KISS leads the fan poll, followed closely by Nirvana in second place and Deep Purple in third. The fans’ ballot will be considered along with those from a panel of experts in the industry. The 2014 ceremony will be held in New York in April, with highlights airing on HBO in May.

Source: Loudwire


Happy Birthday FLEA (video)

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Michael Peter Balzary (born October 16, 1962), better known as Flea, is an Australian-born American musician and actor. He is best known as the bassist, co-founding member, and one of the composers of the rock band and 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the only constant member of the band (lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis was briefly fired from the band in 1986). Flea is also the co-founder of Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit music education organization founded in 2001 for underprivileged children. Flea also briefly appeared as the bassist for such bands as What Is This?, Fear and Jane's Addiction. Originally a jazz trumpet player, Flea learned to play bass in high school from close friend and future Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Hillel Slovak, who required a bassist for his band Anthym. Flea soon developed his own style and joined the group, but quit several months later in order to play for the punk rock outfit Fear. He then rejoined Slovak to form an intended one-off band: Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem along with fellow high school alumni Anthony Kiedis and Jack Irons; the impromptu collaboration would ultimately give birth to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Highly regarded as one of the best rock bass players of all time, his work as a bassist incorporates several musical styles, ranging from aggressive slap bass to more subdued and melodic techniques. Drawing influences from funk music and punk rock, Flea centers his playing on simplicity and minimalism while viewing complexity as a device that should be used in moderation. Aside from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he has collaborated with many artists, including The Mars Volta, Alanis Morissette, Johnny Cash, Young MC and P. Flea is ranked #2 on Rolling Stone's "Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time." Flea has also made occasional forays into acting, appearing in films that span many genres such as Suburbia (1983), Dudes (1987), Back to the Future Part II (1989) and Part III (1990), My Own Private Idaho (1991), Motorama (1991) The Chase (1994), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and The Big Lebowski (1998), in addition to voicing the character Donnie Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004).

source: wikipedia


Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday JUSTIN HAYWARD (video)

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Justin Hayward (born October 14, 1946) is an English musician, best known as singer, songwriter and guitarist in the rock band The Moody Blues.
Hayward was born in Dean Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, England and educated at Shrivenham School, Berkshire and The Commonweal School, in Swindon.
The Moody Blues are an English rock band. Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, as heard in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed.
The Moody Blues have sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 14 platinum and gold discs. As of 2013 they remain active with one member from the original band from 1964 and two more from the 1967 lineup.

source: wikipedia