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CALIGULA'S HORSE - "Dark Hair Down" Free Download (video)

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Our friends, Caligula's Horse, are set to release their brand new album, The Tide, the Thief & River's End on October 1, 2013 through Welkin Records. The song is already getting played on Rockfile Radio ICE. For this week only, you can download the first track for free!  Check out the video for Dark Hair Down:

To download the song for free, visit:

Dark Hair Down

It was his neck or her wrist
Clean nails on iron fist
Dreams of peace beyond the wall
She’d cry out for mercy but she had no voice at all

Here and now it ends
This quiet victory
Her promise she would make amends
He lay not yet cold on the ground
This day of all days she would wear her dark hair down

This time the wheel has come around

Free of her cage she crows with a fearless sound:

“Your fists can’t hurt me now”
A fearless sound
She’ll wear her dark hair down

And blood brought the answer that time could not provide
Scars that read like home would hide
Her prison swallowed everything but piercing open eyes

She proudly bore the mark
Where his brand had met her head
She spat:

“The coward could not kill what was already dead.”

Dark hair down
This time the wheel has come around
Free of her cage
A fearless sound

Stand and fight

This is my salvation
Blood for blood my love...

With a fearless sound:
“Your fists can’t hurt me now”
A fearless sound
She’ll wear her dark hair down

Blood for blood my love...


released 27 July 2013

Caligula's Horse is:
Jim Grey - Lead Vocals
Zac Greensill - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Couper - Bass/Vocals
Geoff Irish - Drums
Sam Vallen - Guitar/Everything Else

A video from their previous album, Moments from Ephemeral City"

source: Caligula's Horse 


Happy Birthday M. SHADOWS (video)

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Matthew Charles Sanders
(born July 31, 1981), better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and founding member for the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Shadows possesses the voice type of a high baritone, and is well known for his distinctively gritty singing style as well as occasional screaming.

Shadows founded Avenged Sevenfold, along with The Rev and Zacky Vengeance in 1999. To date, Avenged Sevenfold has released five studio albums, one live album/compilation/DVD, and eighteen singles and sold more than 8 million albums worldwide.

Shadows has made guest appearances on numerous albums by various artists. He is featured on the Steel Panther album Feel the Steel and sings a verse of "Turn Out the Lights." He also produced The Confession's 2007 album, Requiem, which, according to an interview, was one of the first steps which led to Avenged Sevenfold self-producing their 2007 self-titled album. Shadows also sings In "The River" by Good Charlotte in the album "Good Morning Revival" along with fellow band member Synyster Gates with his guitar solo. In 2012, Shadows and fellow Avenged Sevenfold member Synyster Gates made a brief cameo in the war game Call of Duty: Black Ops II in which they provided the voice over of. Also, in June 2013, Matt competed in the sold out 128-team Call of Duty bracket at MLG Anaheim, placing in the Top 48. The April, 2013 release of the band Device's self titled album featured his vocals throughout track 9, "Haze." Shadows also sang on Slash's self titled solo album.


source: wikipedia


Happy Birthday JOHN 5 (video)

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John William Lowery (born July 31, 1971), best known by the stage name John 5, is an American guitarist. His stage name was bestowed on him in 1998 when he left David Lee Roth and joined the industrial metal group Marilyn Manson as their guitarist, taking over from Zim Zum. Still going by the name "John 5," Lowery has since become the guitarist for Rob Zombie.

He is also a solo artist having recorded six guitar albums: Vertigo (2004), Songs for Sanity (2005), The Devil Knows My Name (2007), Requiem (2008), The Art of Malice (2010) and God Told Me To (2012), as well as a remix album, Remixploitation (2009). He also works as a staff writer for Chrysalis Records, working with artists such as Matt Ball, Avril Lavigne, Rob Halford, k.d. lang, Garbage, Meat Loaf, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, FeFe Dobson and has written and recorded with southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

MASCHINE - Rubidium Album Release (video)

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Causing quite a stir in the progressive rock scene and new to Rockfile Radio ICE, Maschine has just released their debut album, Rubidium. Check out two full tracks and the album teaser:

From Maschine:

Maschine is a group of musicians dedicated to making fresh, new music that pushes creative and technical limits and still satisfies the desire to produce beautiful songs.

Maschine are a young English, Progressive Rock band formed by Luke Machin at Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2008. Signed to the German Progressive Rock Label 'Inside Out', Maschine are amongst artists such as Devin Townsend, Kings X, Steve Hackett, Transatlantic and Symphony X.
Maschine just finished work on their debut album, now available.

Luke Machin has worked and shared stages with Francis Dunnery, Robert Plant, Bernie Marsden and Jeff Beck.

source: Maschine


Happy Birthday JOHN SYKES (video)

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John James Sykes (born 29 July 1959) is an English rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who has played with Streetfighter, Tygers of Pan Tang, John Sloman's Badlands, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Blue Murder. Sykes co-wrote the majority of the songs on Whitesnake's 1987 self-titled album with David Coverdale. Sykes is also a successful solo artist.

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Happy Birthday GEDDY LEE (video)

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Geddy Lee, OC (born Gary Lee Weinrib; July 29, 1953), is a Canadian musician and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush. Lee joined what would become Rush in September 1968, at the request of his childhood friend Alex Lifeson, replacing original bassist and frontman Jeff Jones. In addition to his composing, arranging, and performing duties for Rush, Lee has produced for various other bands, including Rocket Science. Lee's first solo effort, My Favourite Headache, was released in 2000.

An award-winning musician, Lee's style, technique, and skill on the bass guitar have inspired many rock musicians such as Cliff Burton of Metallica, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, John Myung of Dream Theater, and Les Claypool of Primus. Along with his Rush bandmates – guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart – Lee was made an Officer of the Order of Canada on May 9, 1996. The trio was the first rock band to be so honored, as a group. Lee is ranked 13th by Hit Parader on their list of the 100 Greatest Heavy Metal vocalists of all time.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - "Always" (video)

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Killswitch Engage present the official lyric video for "Always", the new single from Disarm The Descent.

Buy Disarm The Descent on iTunes:

Sometimes, a much-loved and highly successful band needs to shake things up a bit to keep things fresh and interesting for their fans and for themselves, all the while retaining the signature sonic hallmarks that have defined their sound.

For their upcoming sixth album, Massachusetts metal pioneers Killswitch Engage reunited with original singer Jesse Leach, whose vocals and lyrics on 2002's landmark Alive or Just Breathing are fan-favorite qualities and part of what helped put KsE on the map as one of the most important bands of the '00s metal revival. Poll KsE fans and ask which album they like best and Alive or Just Breathing is usually right at the top of the list.

Call it coming full circle, returning to their roots or coming home again. Whatever the case and no matter what you choose to label it, Leach's return to the fold is welcomed and anticipated by all involved, from the band members themselves to the fans. Leach is a fitting piece of the KsE puzzle. KsE enjoyed a decade of success with Leach's replacement Howard Jones, who has moved on amicably.

"This change is very exciting," the band said upon announcing Leach's triumphant return. "We know you're going to love it. This is truly a new era in KsE history and it is ready to shred your face off. So, please help us in welcoming Jesse back into the KsE family; he is a rare and great talent, a fact that older KsE fans have known for years. Here is to a killer new record and a bright future. The five of us cannot wait to write this record and play shows together and bring that feeling to our fans. It's been far too long."


Happy Birthday MICK JAGGER (video)

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Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, OBE (born 26 July 1943) is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and a founding member of The Rolling Stones.

Jagger's career has spanned over 50 years, and he has been described as "one of the most popular and influential front men in the history of rock & roll". His distinctive voice and performance, along with Keith Richards' guitar style, have been the trademark of The Rolling Stones throughout the career of the band. In 1989, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Rolling Stones.

Jagger gained much press notoriety for admitted drug use and romantic involvements, and was often portrayed as a counter-cultural figure. In the late 1960s Jagger began acting in films (starting with Performance and Ned Kelly), to mixed reception. In 1985, Jagger released his first solo album, She's the Boss, and was knighted in 2003. In early 2009, he joined the electric supergroup SuperHeavy.

Mick Jagger was born into a middle-class family in Dartford, Kent, England. His father, Basil Fanshawe ("Joe") Jagger (13 April 1913 – 11 November 2006), and his grandfather David Ernest Jagger were both teachers. His mother, Eva Ensley Mary (née Scutts; 6 April 1913 – 18 May 2000), born in New South Wales, Australia, of English descent, was a hairdresser and an active member of the Conservative Party. Jagger is the elder of two sons (his brother Chris Jagger was born on 19 December 1947) and was brought up to follow in his father's career path.

In the book According to the Rolling Stones, Jagger states "I was always a singer. I always sang as a child. I was one of those kids who just liked to sing. Some kids sing in choirs; others like to show off in front of the mirror. I was in the church choir and I also loved listening to singers on the radio – the BBC or Radio Luxembourg – or watching them on TV and in the movies."

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Happy Birthday GARY CHERONE (video)

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Gary Francis Caine Cherone
(born July 26, 1961) is an American rock singer-songwriter. He is best known for his work with the rock group Extreme, as well as his short stint as the lead singer for Van Halen on their 11th album Van Halen III and subsequent tour. In recent years he has released solo recordings. In 2007, he reunited with Extreme. The band's latest album Saudades de Rock was released on August 12, 2008.

In 1985, Cherone and Geary met guitarist Nuno Bettencourt and bassist Pat Badger in an altercation over a dressing room, but the rivals soon became collaborators and shortly after the combined foursome took the name Extreme, and began writing their own material. By the late 1980s, the group had attracted a large regional following; in 1987, the band signed with A&M Records, which released their self-titled debut album in 1989. Selling over 250,000 copies, the band's debut album justified a second, and in 1990 the band recorded the critically acclaimed Extreme II: Pornograffiti, a fiery mix of hard rock, funk, and pop propelled by Bettencourt's extraordinary guitar playing. The album's lyrical content, mostly written by Cherone, was loosely based on the concept of a fictional young boy named "Francis" and his observations of a decadent, corrupt, and misogynistic society.

Although well received by the rock world in the press, initial sales and chart success for the album were sluggish until A&M released the acoustic ballad "More Than Words" in the early spring of 1991. The song was picked up by mainstream radio and became a huge smash, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 that summer. Extreme II: Pornograffiti was eventually certified quadruple platinum and remains a notable entry in the genre. Also in 1991, Extreme toured in support of David Lee Roth.

Cherone's career came full circle in April 1992 when he performed "Hammer to Fall" onstage with the three surviving members of Queen in The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium. (Extreme also performed a medley of Queen hits earlier in the day.) Later that year, Extreme released III Sides To Every Story, a concept album known by the band as their finest work. This album marked the pinnacle of the band's creative ability as a whole.

As the decade progressed, the sudden popularity of grunge brought about a sea change in the pop music industry, causing 80s rock and glam to gain less commercial support from labels. In response, Extreme's 1995 recording, Waiting for the Punchline, was a stripped-down and cynical affair that was only modestly successful. After the supporting tour, Bettencourt became dissatisfied and left the group to launch a solo career. Extreme officially folded almost immediately afterward.


In 1996, one of the world's most famous rock bands, Van Halen, had a falling out with their 2nd lead singer, Sammy Hagar, who had been with the band since 1985. After a failed reunion attempt with original lead vocalist, David Lee Roth, who had been with Van Halen from 1974-1985, Van Halen was once again without a lead vocalist. At the urging of Van Halen's manager, Ray Danniels, (who also managed Extreme,) Cherone was called for an audition. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen liked Cherone's lyrics, as well as his work ethic, and in November 1996, Cherone became Van Halen's third lead vocalist. That year, Cherone took up residence in Eddie Van Halen's guest house and spent the next year writing and recording a new studio album.

Released on March 17, 1998, Van Halen III debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 album charts, selling 197,000 copies in its first week; 500,000 by summer (RIAA gold certified in the United States;) and over 700,000 copies as of 2011. Van Halen III featured an eclectic and diverse set of songs, marking a departure from the straightforward arena rock that Van Halen had played with Hagar, and contrasting with the tongue-in-cheek bombast that originally attracted Van Halen fans to singer David Lee Roth. Van Halen III's songs were often longer and more lyrically intricate than earlier Van Halen material. The album only produced one #1 Billboard rock hit: "Without You." Additionally, the track "Fire in the Hole" appears in a famous scene in Lethal Weapon 4 where a madman is shown setting cars and other items on fire.

By most band's standards the album would have been considered an unmitigated commercial success, but by Van Halen's standards, it was considered a flop. Neither the album nor the supporting tour performed to financial expectations (III was the first album in the band's career to not achieve at least double platinum status;) however, the tour was well received by fans. The tour brought back many older Van Halen songs that fans had wanted to hear since Roth's initial departure in 1984. This was largely because Sammy Hagar refused to play all but the most famous of Roth-era songs. Unlike the band's subsequent 2004 and 2007-2008 tours, Van Halen toured outside of North America in 1998, playing dates in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe as well. One date in Australia was filmed and aired on MTV.

Plans progressed for a follow-up album, to be released at the end of 1999. Releasing a new studio album a year after the previous one had not been done by Van Halen since 1982, when the band released Diver Down. Reportedly, in 1999, Van Halen's (then) record company, Warner Brothers, sent back the new Van Halen album twice, because they did not hear a "hit" pop single on it. Frustrated, Gary left Van Halen amicably. Since then, Cherone has remained on good terms with his former bandmates, and has gone on record numerous times with his thoughts on why the collaboration didn't work out.

After his departure from Van Halen, Cherone returned to Boston and put together a new project, Tribe of Judah. The band played several shows in the Boston area and released a CD on Spitfire Records entitled Exit Elvis.

He has on occasion guested with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony during their The Other Half performances, and Nuno Bettencourt's recent projects, as well as with the Boston Rock Opera.

In February 2003, just one week after The Station Nightclub Fire, Gary and his brother, Markus, performed "More Than Words" during a memorial service for the victims. The memorial was broadcast live on WHJY in Providence, RI.

In 2005, Cherone released a four song sampler CD, Need I Say More that was written and produced by Steve Catizone and Leo Mellace. This album was recorded by Jeff Yurek at Sanctum Sound in Boston, Massachusetts and mixed by Carl Nappa in New York City. Musicians including Dave DiCenso (drums), Baron Browne (bass) and Steve Hunt (keyboards) are also featured on the record.

In May 2006, Cherone sang in three shows as part of Amazing Journey, a tribute to The Who created by ex Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, featuring Paul Gilbert on guitar and Billy Sheehan on bass. Not long after, Gary and his brother Markus Cherone created their own tribute to The Who, Slip Kid. Presently the band continues to perform regularly in the Greater Boston area.

Later that year, Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cherone's three-year stint with the group did not establish him as a band member eligible for induction. However, at the televised induction ceremony, the group's former bassist Michael Anthony thanked Cherone for his contributions.

source: wikipedia


Happy Birthday ROGER TAYLOR (video)

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Roger Meddows Taylor (born 26 July 1949), known as Roger Taylor, is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as the drummer, backing vocalist and occasional lead vocalist of British rock band Queen. As a drummer he is known for his "big" unique sound and is considered one of the most influential rock drummers of the 1970s and '80s. As a songwriter, Taylor contributed songs to the band's albums from the very beginning, composing at least one track on every album, and (in the early days) usually sang lead vocals on his own compositions. He also wrote four of the band's hits, "Radio Ga Ga", "A Kind of Magic", "The Invisible Man", and "These Are the Days of Our Lives". He plays multiple instruments, including guitar, bass and keyboards, as heard on his debut solo album in which he played all instruments and sang all vocals. He has played with such artists as Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Genesis, Elton John, Gary Numan, Foo Fighters, Al Stewart, Steve Vai, and Bon Jovi. As a producer he has produced albums by Virginia Wolf, Jimmy Nail and Magnum. He currently resides in Guildford, Surrey, but also has a home in Helford, Cornwall.

In addition to his drum work, Taylor routinely played the guitars and bass on his own songs. During the 1980s, in addition to his work with Queen, he formed a parallel band known as The Cross, in which he was the singer and rhythm guitarist.

In 2005 he was voted by UK fans as the 8th-greatest drummer in classic rock music history in a poll conducted by Planet Rock Radio. According to The Sunday Times Rich List he was worth £80 million or around $127 million in 2011.

source: wikipedia


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ALICE IN CHAINS - "Voices" (video)

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ALICE IN CHAINS has released the third track from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, check out the brand new lyric video for "Voices":

From the band's Facebook page:

In late summer of 2008, at the suggestion of longtime friend/Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Alice In Chains met with producer Nick Raskulinecz to talk about the possibility of collaborating on a new album.

“I went to the studio where they’d been working on demos,” recalls the producer, whose credits include Foo Fighters, Rush, Deftones. “We stayed outside and just talked for a couple of hours. After the ice was broken, they brought me inside to hear some music. The first track started playing and I was immediately hooked—the riff was so killer, so catchy and so heavy, and when the vocals kicked in, I looked at Jerry (Cantrell, Alice In Chains’ guitarist/vocalist) and said, ‘I don’t need to hear anything else—I’m in.’ I was just blown away.”

By early fall, the band and producer had hunkered down at Grohl’s Studio 606 in Northridge, CA, and were hard at work on Alice In Chains’ first new studio release in more than 10 years.

Production eventually moved to the famed Henson Studios in Hollywood, and by spring of 2009 the band emerged with 11 electrifying songs about faith and perseverance. They titled the album Black Gives Way To Blue after the song of the same name, a heart-stirring tribute to Layne Staley, their brother and vocalist who passed away in 2002.

“I’m really proud of that song,” says Cantrell, who sings on the track (and shares lead vocal duties throughout the record). “It’s about facing up to the bad stuff and continuing to walk forward and live a life.”

The song features a special guest appearance by Elton John on piano.

“We were thinking about adding piano to the track and a friend suggested we call Elton,” recalls Cantrell. “I remember laughing and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll get right on that.’ But I decided it was worth trying and wrote him an email explaining what that song means to us—that it’s a real, raw openhearted song for Layne. We sent him the track and got a call shortly after saying he thought it was beautiful and that he wanted to play on it. He was finishing his ‘Red Piano’ run in Vegas, so we flew there and hung out for a few hours. Walking into a studio and seeing the sheet music for that song on Elton’s piano made it meaningful on so many different levels. The whole experience was pretty magical.”

The album’s genesis can be traced back to January of 2005, when drummer Sean Kinney called Cantrell and bassist Mike Inez about getting together for a benefit show to raise money for tsunami relief. It was the first time in nine years that the three had performed together and following the loss of Staley, was the first in a series of little steps toward hope and healing.

“After that we started talking about how we could maybe do another show,” recalls Kinney. “Everyone was comfortable with the idea, so we decided to take another step.”

Enter William DuVall, a gifted singer and guitarist from Atlanta who had previously worked with Comes with the Fall and as part of Jerry Cantrell’s touring band for his solo work. As live audiences discovered, DuVall brings a sound and stage presence all his own, and when DuVall and Cantrell blend their voices—as Cantrell and Staley did so often—singing together over the rhythms of Kinney and Inez, there could be little doubt that the spirit of Alice In Chains was once again alive and well.

“To his credit, Will never tried to do a karaoke version of the past,” says Kinney. “It’s not easy to find your place in a pre-existing dynamic, but he did. He puts his all into it and it fits.”

"I've joined a group that has a strong identity and a strong legacy," says DuVall. "Nobody wants to, in any way, disrespect or sully that legacy. You want to add to it."

And it was while on the road that the quartet opened itself up to the idea of writing new material.

“On tour we jammed pretty much every day,” recalls Cantrell. “Cool riffs would come up and we’d record them backstage and in dressing rooms. By the time we got home from the tour, we had a disc full of ideas. Eventually we wound up with a body of work and started thinking about taking yet another step.”

“There was no master plan,” adds Inez. “Everything felt right, so we kept moving forward. The whole process was very organic.”

“If we had gone through all of it and felt that it didn’t live up musically to the legacy of the work we’d done before, then we would’ve shelved it,” says Cantrell. “We would’ve known for ourselves that this is the end, and that would’ve been cool. But that didn’t happen. You ask yourself questions like, is this record something positive to add to the catalog? Is it worthy? And the answer is yes, it is. But you don’t know that until you go through the
process. We all busted our asses and have been rewarded with a record that exceeds our own expectations.

In the end, Cantrell explains, Black Gives Way To Blue is an album that reflects survival for Alice In Chains. “And,” he says, “I think survival is something to celebrate.” The album was a success, being certified gold by the RIAA in 2010.

Alice in Chains released their fifth studio album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, on May 28, 2013.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ALTER BRIDGE set to return with album #4 (video)

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International rock juggernauts, ALTER BRIDGE are set to release their long-awaited fourth studio album, ‘Fortress’ on 30th September. 

Three years have passed since the critically lauded ‘ABIII’ crashed into the Top 10 of the UK Album Chart, and now Myles Kennedy (vocals), Mark Tremonti (guitar), Brian Marshall (bass), and Scott Phillips (drums) return with a new collection of songs to cement their place at the top.

‘Fortress’ was recorded and produced by long-time ALTER BRIDGE producer Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette (Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Trivium) at his studio in the band’s native Florida.   

From the opening acoustic guitar on ‘Cry Of Achilles’ through the other 12 songs on ‘Fortress’, it is clear ALTER BRIDGE are back to underline their status as one of contemporary hard rock’s breakthrough bands.  The four piece showcase some of their heaviest material ever in tracks like ‘Bleed It Dry’ and ‘Farther Than The Sun’, but also reprise their signature, softer side with songs like ‘All Ends Well’ and the epic title track ‘Fortress’. ‘Fortress’ is 13 tracks of unapologetic, searing hard rock that ALTER BRIDGE has come to be synonymous with. 

“When we started pre-production on this album, we pushed ourselves harder and further than we ever have previously in order to make the most out of every individual arrangement.  We wanted this album to be our most unpredictable and exciting one yet.  From the early feedback we have received, it looks like we have achieved what we set out to do,” comments Tremonti.  

ALTER BRIDGE kick off a fresh round of touring with a special one-off show at Orlando, Florida’s House of Blues on 4th October.  The gig will be their only US show of 2013.  The band then head to Europe where they will embark on an extensive headline tour through October/November, with special guests Shinedown  (UK only) and Halestorm.  The UK leg includes a triumphant return to London’s Wembley Arena, a venue they sold out on ‘ABIII’ and documented with the CD/DVD, ‘Alter Bridge Live At Wembley’. 
The UK and European dates are as follows:

Wed 16th Oct - NOTTINGHAM UK Arena
Fri 18th Oct - LONDON UK Wembley Arena
Sun 20th Oct - CARDIFF UK Motorpoint Arena
Mon 21st Oct - GLASGOW UK Hydro
Tue 22nd Oct - MANCHESTER UK Arena
Thu 24th Oct - PARIS FR Zenith
Fri 25th Oct - BRUSSELS BE AB
Sun 27th Oct - BERLIN DE Huxleys
Mon 28th Oct - COPENHAGEN DK Vega
Tue 29th Oct - STOCKHOLM SE Arenan
Sun 3 Nov - AMSTERDAM NL Heineken Music Hall
Mon 4 Nov - DUSSELDORF DE Mitsubishi Electric Hall
Tue 5th Nov - WIESBADEN DE Schlachthof
Thu 7th Nov - VIENNA AT Gasometer
Fri 8th Nov - MUNICH DE Zenith
Sat 9th Nov - ZURICH CH Hallenstadion
Mon 11th Nov - ROME IT Atlantico
Tue 12th Nov - MILAN IT Mediolanum Forum
Thu 14th Nov - BARCELONA ES RAzzmatazz
Fri 15th Nov - MARID ES Arena
Sat 16 Nov - LISBON PT Coliseum

Tickets are on sale now, with some dates almost sold out, so hurry to get yours now from box offices, all usual ticket agents and online.

ALTER BRIDGE burst onto the music scene in 2004 with the release of their gold-selling debut, One Day Remains.  In 2007, the band released ‘Blackbird’, the album that established the band’s profile worldwide.  The epic solo in the title track was voted “Greatest Guitar Solo Of All Time” by the UK’s Guitarist Magazine.  ABIII was released in 2010 and the single ‘Isolation’ gave the band their first #1 radio single in the USA.  When ALTER BRIDGE is on hiatus, singer Myles Kennedy can be found fronting Slash’s band, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.  Guitarist Mark Tremonti recently released his first solo project, All I Was that saw Wolfgang Van Halen playing bass with Mark’s band on the road.  Scott Phillips formed Projected with John Connolly and Vinnie Hornsby of Sevendust and released their debut in 2012.

source: Alter Bridge


ASKING ALEXANDRIA - "The Death Of Me" Official (video)

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Check out the brand new video from ASKING ALEXANDRIA, "The Death Of Me". Strippers in vending machines, what's not to like?


The Official Music Video for THE DEATH OF ME

The new album from Asking Alexandria "From Death To Destiny"

North America - (Merch Now)
North America - (Indie Merch)
United Kingdom -
Mainland Europe -


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday SLASH (video)

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Saul Hudson (born July 23, 1965), better known by his nickname Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the former lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. During his later years with Guns N' Roses, Slash formed the side project Slash's Snakepit. He then co-founded the supergroup Velvet Revolver, which re-established him as a mainstream performer in the mid to late 2000s. Slash has since released two solo albums, Slash (2010), featuring an all-star roster of guest musicians, and Apocalyptic Love (2012), recorded with singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy, along with rhythm section Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns, known on the album as The Conspirators.

Slash has received critical acclaim as a guitarist. Time named him runner-up on their list of "The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players" in 2009, while Rolling Stone placed him at No. 65 on their list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" in 2011. Guitar World ranked his solo in "November Rain" No. 6 on their list of "The 100 Greatest Guitar Solos" in 2008, and Total Guitar placed his riff in "Sweet Child o' Mine" at No. 1 on their list of "The 100 Greatest Riffs" in 2004. In 2012, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with other members of Guns N' Roses.

source: wikipedia


Happy Birthday CHAD GRACEY (video)

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Chad Gracey (born July 23, 1971, in York, Pennsylvania, US) is the drummer for the bands Live and The Gracious Few. Live have sold over 20 million records, including the 8x platinum album Throwing Copper.

Chad is a founding member of the band Live and has appeared on all their albums to date. He met his future Live band mates in middle school in York. When vocalist Ed Kowalczyk left the band in 2009, Gracey formed the band The Gracious Few along with Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Taylor of Live and Kevin Martin and Sean Hennesy from the band Candlebox. They released their debut album The Gracious Few in 2010. In 2011, Live announced their intention to record new material. They began recording with new lead singer Chris Shinn in 2012.

source: wikipedia


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Happy Birthday RICK DAVIES (video)

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Richard "Rick" Davies (born 22 July 1944, in Swindon, Wiltshire, England) is an English musician, best known as the founder and keyboardist of progressive rock band Supertramp. Davies is the only member of Supertramp to have been with the group for their entire history, and has composed many of their most well-known songs, including "Goodbye Stranger", "Bloody Well Right", "My Kind of Lady", and "Cannonball". He is generally noted for his sophisticated blues and jazz-influenced progressive rock compositions and cynical lyrics.

Starting with Indelibly Stamped in 1971, Davies shared lead vocals with Supertramp songwriting partner, Roger Hodgson until the latter's departure in 1983, at which point he became the sole lead vocalist of the group. Davies's voice is more distinctly masculine than Hodgson's, and he usually employs a raspy baritone which stands in stark contrast to his bandmate's childlike tenor. However, he occasionally sings in a falsetto which superficially resembles Hodgson's vocals, such as on "Goodbye Stranger" and "My Kind of Lady". He also plays harmonica for the group.

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Happy Birthday DON HENLEY (video)

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Donald Hugh "Don" Henley (born July 22, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter and drummer, best known as a founding member of the Eagles before launching a successful solo career. Henley was the drummer and lead vocalist for the Eagles from 1971–1980, when the band broke up. Henley sings lead vocals on Eagles hits such as "Witchy Woman", "Desperado", "Best of My Love", "One of These Nights", "Hotel California", "Life in the Fast Lane", and "The Long Run".

After the Eagles broke up in 1980, Henley pursued a solo career and released his debut album in 1982. He has released four studio albums, two compilation albums, and one live DVD. His solo hits include "Dirty Laundry", "The Boys of Summer", "All She Wants to Do Is Dance", "The Heart of the Matter", "The Last Worthless Evening", "Sunset Grill", "Not Enough Love in the World", "New York Minute" and "The End of the Innocence".

The Eagles have sold over 120 million albums worldwide, won six Grammy Awards, had five #1 singles, 17 Top 40 singles, and six #1 albums. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 and are the biggest selling American band in history. As a solo artist, Henley has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, had eight Top 40 singles, won two Grammys and five MTV Video Music Awards. Combined with the Eagles and as a solo artist, Henley has released 25 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. He has released seven studio albums with the Eagles and four as a solo artist. In 2008, he was ranked the 87th greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Henley has also played a founding role in several environmental and political causes, most notably the Walden Woods Project. Since 1994, he has divided his musical activities between the Eagles and his solo career.

source: wikipedia