Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday ANGUS YOUNG (video)

Angus McKinnon Young (born March 31, 1955) is a Scottish born Australian guitarist best known as a co-founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. Known for his energetic performances, schoolboy-uniform stage outfits, and his popularization of Chuck Berry's duckwalk, Rolling Stone magazine has ranked Young as the 24th greatest guitarist of all time. In 2003, he and the other members of AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. AC/DC have remained together since their formation in 1974, and have released 15 studio albums. The band have shipped over 200 million albums worldwide, with 70 million certified units in the US. Their 1980 studio album, Back in Black, is accountable for 50 million of those worldwide sales, and is the second all time highest-selling album worldwide.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

DEVICE - "Close My Eyes Forever" (Feat. Lzzy Hale) (audio)

DEVICE just released their cover of the Ozzy/Lita Ford tune, "Close My Eyes Forever" featuring a duet with David Draiman (Disturbed) and Lzzy Hale (Halestorm). DEVICE releases their debut album April 9th, which also features guest appearances from M. ShadowsSerj Tankian, Geezer Butler and others and can be pre-ordered here:

     David Draiman told Loudwire: "I actually gave [Lzzy] even more to sing than the original version. Initially in the original arrangement they each had their own specific choruses instead of trading off. I gave Lzzy a lot more because I love her voice. I think she’s amazing and I just thought it would be a cooler dynamic for my version of the song to incorporate more of the female voice in this version of the cover. I’m really glad it ended up happening the way that it did with the Device project as opposed to with Disturbed, because it enabled me to go to that place with my voice that really wouldn’t have been appropriate on a Disturbed record.

    I loved doing it, it’s that classical delivery and technique and that part of me that harkens back to the early cantorial days. I had tracked all of these songs completely beforehand and I had tracked Lzzy’s parts ahead of the time and brought them with me to New York when I tracked her so I had given her a guide the whole way through the song. We did everything very efficiently, very effectively to the extent where one of her label guys came in to take a peek at what was going on and he said, ‘Oh man you’re a real task master, you’re making her go take after take.’ I’m not pushing her beyond her limits — it’s only because she knows where she needs to go and there’s no experimentation, it’s very easy.

    It was great and Lzzy did make a bunch of the parts her own, different emphasis and slight changes of cadence — and she’s very talented. She’s bulletproof. I’ve never seen her have a bad night."


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Happy Birthday PERRY FARRELL (video)

Perry Farrell (born Peretz Bernstein; March 29, 1959) is the front man for the alternative rock band Jane's Addiction. Farrell created the touring festival Lollapalooza as a farewell tour for Jane's Addiction in 1991; it has since evolved into an annual destination festival. Farrell continues to produce Lollapalooza with partners William Morris Agency and C3. Farrell has led the alternative rock groups Porno for Pyros and Satellite Party. He is also a DJ.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday LED ZEPPELIN's Houses Of THe Holy (audio)

#ledzeppelin #housesoftheholy #rockfileradio
Houses of the Holy is the fifth studio album by English rock band Led Zeppelin, released by Atlantic Records on March 28, 1973. It is the first Led Zeppelin album composed of entirely original material, and represents a musical turning point for the band, who had begun to record songs with more layering and production techniques.
During the sessions, Led Zeppelin also recorded a song named "Houses of the Holy", and planned to make it the album's title track. However, the band eventually decided that it didn't fit in, and the song was instead released on their next album, Physical Graffiti.
Houses of the Holy was certified 11× Platinum by the RIAA. In 2012, it was ranked number 148 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

STONE SOUR - Do Me A Favor (video)

STONE SOUR just debuted the official video for "Do Me A Favor". The first release off the forthcoming House Of Gold & Bones Part 2, due to be released April 3rd, in Japan, April 8th, in the UK and April 9th, in the United States.

The 'Do Me A Favor' video is actually based loosely on a part of the short story that happens towards the end. It's a lot of action and fire. All the main characters are there: The Human, Allen, Peck, Black John and the Numbers... It's a great ride. -Corey Taylor

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DAYBREAK EMBRACE - Studio Update #1 (video)

Our friends DAYBREAK EMBRACE have entered the studio to work on album #2 and here is the first update:

James Wamsley "Wamo" - Lead Vox
Keneth Figueroa - Rhythm Guitars
Dan Cartagena - Lead Guitars
Dani Costa - Bass
Giann Rubio - Beats On Things, & sings a little

With over ten years experience playing in the South Florida rock scene, the founding members of Daybreak Embrace are no strangers to pleasing crowds with their edgy brand of soulful hard rock. Pulling influences from multiple genres, Daybreak Embrace strives to make music that showcases meaningful lyrics against a musical backdrop of raw energy. Having released their debut EP, Tomorrow Awaits, Daybreak Embrace has set their sights on touring and bringing their creative blend of aggression and soul to the masses.


NINE INCH NAILS - [after all is said and done] (video)

In 2009, Trent Reznor revealed plans to retire NINE INCH NAILS from the road. The band played their epic “final show” on Sept. 10, 2009 and fortunately there were fans around to capture the event for posterity and now a fan-made documentary has surfaced.

A group of fans known as “a tiny little dot” spent over 5,000 hours working on the footage and they’re proud to announce the arrival of ‘Nine Inch Nails: [after all is said and done].’ Fans will get to enjoy the full three-and-a-half hour performance that included 37 songs. The documentary utilized 27 unique fan-shot HD sources and over five sources were used to compile the audio for the show.

Click here for more info on the ‘Nine Inch Nails: [after all is said and done]‘ documentary. It’s available in streaming video and as a torrent download and in audio file form. It will also come out on Blu-ray and DVD in the very near future.

Check out the full documentary (each segment plays automatically after the previous one) below.


Happy Birthday TONY BANKS (video)

Anthony George "Tony" Banks (born March 27, 1950) is a British composer and multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for being the keyboardist and a founding member of the progressive rock group Genesis. He is one of only two members (the other being bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford) who have been with Genesis throughout its entire history.

Banks was one of the main composers of Genesis's music, and made major lyrical contributions to the band's songs. As the band's keyboardist he used a variety of instruments, including the ARP Pro Soloist synthesiser, the Mellotron, the Yamaha CP-70, and the Hammond T-102 organ. In the band's earliest years Banks would play acoustic guitar for some of the mellow and pastoral songs.

Outside Genesis, Banks has pursued a solo career, which has included film scoring, pop songs and orchestral music. In 2006, the first Tony Banks biography, Man of Spells by journalist Mario Giammetti, was published in Italy (Edizioni Segno). In 2010, Banks was inducted (as a member of Genesis) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Banks is ranked number 6 on Digital Dreamdoor's list of "100 Greatest Rock Keyboardists of All Time" and number 11 on MusicRadar's top 27.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday JAMES IHA (video)

James Yoshinobu Iha (井葉吉伸 Iha Yoshinobu) (Born March 26, 1968) is an American rock musician. He is best known as guitarist and co-founder of the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins and for his electric musical projects of recent years, most notably being a permanent fixture of A Perfect Circle. He was most recently a member of Tinted Windows, a 1960s/1970s inspired group with members of Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, and Hanson.

He also co-owns independent record label Scratchie Records with Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and a recording studio with Schlesinger and Andy Chase of Ivy called Stratosphere Sound in Manhattan. Bands on the Scratchie label include The Sounds, Albert Hammond Jr., and Office.

Iha has produced songs, contributed guitar and vocals, and produced remixes for acts around the world, including L.A.'s Midnight Movies, Scottish singer Isobel Campbell, Marilyn Manson, and Michael Stipe. Iha currently lives in Manhattan.

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Happy Birthday STEVEN TYLER (video)

Steven Tyler (born Steven Victor Tallarico; March 26, 1948) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the front man and lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, in which he also plays the harmonica, and occasional piano and percussion. He is known as the "Demon of Screamin'" due to his high screams and his wide vocal range. He is also known for his on-stage acrobatics. During his high-energy performances, he usually dresses in bright, colorful outfits with his trademark scarves hanging from his microphone stand. In the 1970s, Tyler rose to prominence as the front man of Aerosmith, which released such milestone hard rock albums as Toys in the Attic and Rocks. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Tyler had a heavy drug and alcohol addiction, and the band's popularity waned.

He completed drug rehabilitation in 1986 and subsequently maintained sobriety for over 20 years, but had a relapse with prescription painkillers in the late 2000s, for which he successfully received treatment in 2009. After Aerosmith launched a remarkable comeback in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the albums Permanent Vacation, Pump, and Get a Grip, Tyler became a household name and has remained a relevant rock icon. As a result, he has since embarked on several solo endeavors including guest appearances on other artists' music, film and TV roles (including as a judge on American Idol), authoring a bestselling book, and solo work (including a Top 40 hit single in 2011). However, he has continued to record music and perform with Aerosmith, after more than 43 years in the band. The band's latest album, Music from Another Dimension!, was released on November 6, 2012.

Tyler is included among Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers. He was also ranked 3rd on Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time. In 2001 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Aerosmith, and he was the presenter when AC/DC was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003. In 2013, Tyler and his songwriting partner Joe Perry will be recipients of the ASCAP Founders Award and will also be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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SEVENDUST - "Decay" (video)

SEVENDUST has released the video for "Decay" on the day the new album hits stores!

Sevendust's new album Black Out the Sun is available now

Black Out The Sun track listing:
'Till Death'
'Cold As War'
'Black Out The Sun'
'Nobody Wants It'
'Dead Roses'
'Dark AM'
'Picture Perfect'
'Got A Feeling'
'Murder Bar'

For Black Out The Sun, the band - Lajon Witherspoon (vocals), Morgan Rose (drums/vocals), Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals), Vince Hornsby (bass/vocals) and John Connolly (guitar/vocals) - decided to self-produce and record the new album at The Architekt Studios in Butler, NJ with the help of mixer/engineer Mike Ferretti (who also worked with Lowery and Rose on CALL ME NO ONE’s debut album, Last Parade, which was released June 5th on 7Bros Records). 

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (video)

The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released in March 24, 1973. It built on ideas explored in the band's earlier recordings and live shows, but lacks the extended instrumental excursions that characterized their work following the departure in 1968 of founder member, principal composer and lyricist, Syd Barrett. The Dark Side of the Moon's themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, and mental illness, the latter partly inspired by Barrett's deteriorating mental state.

The suite was developed during live performances and was premiered several months before studio recording began. The new material was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at Abbey Road Studios in London. The group used some of the most advanced recording techniques of the time, including multi-track recording and tape loops. Analogue synthesizers were given prominence in several tracks, and a series of recorded interviews with the band's road crew and others provided the philosophical quotations used throughout. Engineer Alan Parsons was directly responsible for some of the most notable sonic aspects of the album as well as the recruitment of non-lexical performer Clare Torry. The album's iconic sleeve features a prism that represents the band's stage lighting, the record's lyrical themes, and keyboardist Richard Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design.

Throughout this movie, Pink Floyd is seen experimenting and recording what would become Dark Side Of The Moon:

 The Dark Side of the Moon built upon experiments Pink Floyd had attempted in their previous live shows and recordings, but lacks the extended instrumental excursions which, according to critic David Fricke, had become characteristic of the band after founder member Syd Barrett left in 1968. Guitarist David Gilmour, Barrett's replacement, later referred to those instrumentals as "that psychedelic noodling stuff", and with Waters cited 1971's Meddle as a turning-point towards what would be realized on the album. The Dark Side of the Moon's lyrical themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, death, and insanity, the latter inspired in part by Barrett's deteriorating mental state; he had been the band's principal composer and lyricist. The album is notable for its use of musique concrète and conceptual, philosophical lyrics, as found in much of the band's other work.

Each side of the album is a continuous piece of music. The five tracks on each side reflect various stages of human life, beginning and ending with a heartbeat, exploring the nature of the human experience, and (according to Waters) "empathy". "Speak to Me" and "Breathe" together stress the mundane and futile elements of life that accompany the ever-present threat of madness, and the importance of living one's own life—"Don't be afraid to care". By shifting the scene to an airport, the synthesizer-driven instrumental "On the Run" evokes the stress and anxiety of modern travel, in particular Wright's fear of flying. "Time" examines the manner in which its passage can control one's life and offers a stark warning to those who remain focused on mundane aspects; it is followed by a retreat into solitude and withdrawal in "Breathe (Reprise)". The first side of the album ends with Wright and vocalist Clare Torry's soulful metaphor for death, "The Great Gig in the Sky". Opening with the sound of cash registers and loose change, the first track on side two, "Money", mocks greed and consumerism using tongue-in-cheek lyrics and cash-related sound effects (ironically, "Money" has been the most commercially successful track from the album, with several cover versions produced by other bands). "Us and Them" addresses the isolation of the depressed with the symbolism of conflict and the use of simple dichotomies to describe personal relationships. "Any Colour You Like" concerns the lack of choice one has in a human society. "Brain Damage" looks at a mental illness resulting from the elevation of fame and success above the needs of the self; in particular, the line "and if the band you're in starts playing different tunes" reflects the mental breakdown of former band-mate Syd Barrett. The album ends with "Eclipse", which espouses the concepts of alterity and unity, while forcing the listener to recognize the common traits shared by humanity.

During this 1994 show, Dark Side Of The Moon is performed complete:

The Dark Side of the Moon was an immediate success, topping the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart for one week. It subsequently remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. With an estimated 50 million copies sold, it is Pink Floyd's most commercially successful album and one of the best-selling albums worldwide. It has twice been remastered and re-released, and has been covered in its entirety by several other acts. It spawned two singles, "Money" and "Time". In addition to its commercial success, The Dark Side of the Moon is one of Pink Floyd's most popular albums among fans and critics, and is frequently ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time.


Friday, March 22, 2013

SOUNDGARDEN - The Artists Den preview (video)

Here's your first look at Soundgarden Live from The Artists Den at The Wiltern in Los Angeles from an upcoming episode of the public television series

On a warm February night in Los Angeles, the legendary Seattle rock band Soundgarden concluded a sold-out winter tour in support of King Animal, their first studio album in over 16 years. The Artists Den was there to document this unforgettable night within the historic art deco setting of The Wiltern. In front of a rapturous crowd, Soundgarden interwove brand new songs with classics, radio hits with rarities never before performed for a live audience. Over a varied 28-song set, they showcased their history, dazzled with their musicianship and captured the imaginations of everyone in the room.


SPOCK'S BEARD - Afterthoughts (video)

 SPOCK'S BEARD - Afterthoughts (lyric video)

Spock's Beard new album "Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep" is out today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be out in Europe on Monday and on Tuesday in North America. Get the new album here:



Complete 1986 DIO concert coming to CD/DVD/Blu-ray/Vinyl (video)

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a new live Dio CD/DVD/Blu-ray,
Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 1986, on May 28.

The show on the was recorded at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on June 17, 1986, during the second leg of the Sacred Heart tour, which featured new guitarist Craig Goldy.

The show was issued in an edited form, first on VHS and then DVD. For the first time, however, the full concert is being released as a double LP in the original running order and with remastered sound.

The full band lineup for the show is Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Vinny Appice (drums), Jimmy Bain (bass), Craig Goldy (guitar) and Claude Schnell (keyboards).

The release features “Holy Diver,” “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children,” “Sacred Heart,” “Stand Up And Shout,” “Rainbow In The Dark” and “We Rock” plus other classics from Ronnie James Dio’s career, including “Heaven And Hell,” “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Man On The Silver Mountain." 

Finding The Sacred Heart - Live In Philly 1986 will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD and 2LP. The DVD and Blu-ray versions offer fully restored film footage of the complete concert available for the first time. The audio on the 2CD and double LP is fully remastered. Bonus features (on DVD and Blu-ray) include a Sacred Heart Tour featurette, an interview from 1986 and a separate interview with Dio and Goldy, plus the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children” music video and a behind-the-scenes feature.


01. Draco Ignis
02. King Of Rock And Roll
03. Like The Beat Of A Heart
04. Don’t Talk To Strangers
05. Hungry For Heaven
06. Medley: The Last In Line / Children Of The Sea / Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise)
07. Drum Solo
08. Heaven And Hell
09. Keyboard Solo
10. Guitar Solo
11. Sacred Heart
12. Medley: Rock ‘n’ Roll Children / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘n’ Roll Children (reprise)
13. Time To Burn
14. Stand Up And Shout
15. Rainbow In The Dark
16. We Rock

Side A: 1) Draco Ignis 2) King Of Rock And Roll 3) Like The Beat Of A Heart 4) Don’t Talk To Strangers 5) Hungry For Heaven 6) Medley: The Last In Line / Children Of The Sea / Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise)
Side B: 1) Drum Solo 2) Heaven And Hell 3) Keyboard Solo 4) Guitar Solo
Side C: 1) Sacred Heart 2) Medley: Rock ‘n’ Roll Children / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘n’ Roll Children (reprise)
Side D: 1) Time To Burn 2) Stand Up And Shout 3) Rainbow In The Dark 4) We Rock

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ROB ZOMBIE - Dead City Radio (video)

ROB ZOMBIE just released the lyric video for his new track,  
"Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown"

His new movie, Lords Of Salem, opens April 19th

source: Rob Zombie


Happy Birthday CARL PALMER (video)

Carl Frederick Kendall Palmer (born March 20, 1950, Handsworth, Birmingham, England) is an English drummer and percussionist. He is credited as one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge from the 1960s. In addition, Palmer is a veteran of a number of famous English bands, including The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Asia.

Having played with a variety of bands, including various anonymous schoolboy bands as a youth, Palmer's style was developed from a wide range of musical influences. Among Palmer's early drumming influences were Joe Morello, Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakey, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Inspiration from their techniques can be heard in his own drumming style, which was initially influenced more from jazz than any other genre. Known for his technical prowess, another of Palmer's trademarks included solos in many of his performances. His later work in Asia saw a more basic approach, although he began to play double bass drums more frequently during that period, and was one of the first drummers to be inducted into the Modern Drummer Magazine Hall of Fame. Palmer was in the top 10 of Rolling Stone's: 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time.

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Happy Birthday CHESTER BENNINGTON (video)

 Chester Charles Bennington (born March 20, 1976) is an American musician, singer-songwriter and actor. He is best known as the co-lyricist and one of the two vocalists of the rock band Linkin Park and the vocalist of Dead by Sunrise.

Bennington became known as a vocalist with Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory, in 2000, which was a massive commercial success. The album was certified Diamond by the RIAA in 2005, making it the best-selling debut album of the decade, as well as one of the few albums to ever hit that many sales. Linkin Park's following studio albums, Meteora, Minutes To Midnight, A Thousand Suns, and Living Things, released in 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2012 respectively, continued the band's success.

Bennington formed his own band, Dead by Sunrise as a side-project in 2005. The band's debut album, Out of Ashes was released on October 13, 2009.

source: wikipedia